Class Reunion

Sorry, but there is really nothing here…

Just a little bit about my work life…

After 18+ years in the insurance business, I started a business from home.  I represented various lenders and title companies closing loans in borrower’s homes.  After a couple of years I had brought my wife Debbie into the business and eventually we incorporated and brought in a partner in 2003. The operation grew quickly with over 50 employees and operations in 3 states.  

After undergoing by-pass surgery in Oct. of ’04, I was never really able to go back to putting in a full work day.  Therefore, I was forced to retire in the fall of ’05 due to health reasons.

We were not ready financially for such a life-style change, but seem to be adjusting a little better as each day, week and month pass.  My health issues continue.  I am very prone to blockages and have had numerous Cardiac Cauterizations resulting in several Angioplasty procedures and the placement of 9 stints… all since my by-pass in ’04.  So, my retirement for health reasons is justified due to my advance stages of Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Disease.   What is hard though, is that in between my procedures, I feel pretty good and really want to get out and be active.  But when I get a blockage, it hits me hard and I am wiped out until I get another stint placed.  

Debbie is working and I do what I can to stay busy.

I am always looking for someone to buy me lunch, so feel free to contact me anytime if you’re in a buying mood.

I’m still a huge Cardinals fan and go as often I can.  (always looking for tickets)

Should you want or need to contact me, drop me an e-mail and I’ll forward you my phone numbers.

I love hearing from folks from my past…   high School, former jobs, distant relatives, etc.   So contact me.  You now know about me…  I’d like to know about what you’ve been doing. Now I have the time for you!